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Smart and structural textiles and composites

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Textiles being two dimensionally arrangements of fibers held together exclusively by friction has for thousands of years been a common material used for clothing and living. When textiles or loose fibres are bound using a fixating agent it becomes a composite material. Recent developments in fibres and textiles technology has expanded the application areas so they now are used within high tech areas like aerospace and equipment for sports and medicine and as large building components like roofing membranes and structural elements.

The new properties include high strength and socalled smart functionality like light emmision, selective electrical conductivity, controled thermal insulation and sensing. Advanced weaving and knitting technology makes it possible to expand the material into the 3 dimension and it is also possible to achieve materials that can shift between being flexible and stif.

The present project aims at building an overview of materials and new possibilities and suggest new applications and business areas. Furthermore will selective technologies be developed.


Torben Lenau,
Elisabeth Heimdal,

Department of Manegement Engineering,

Technical University of Denmark

Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, 3xNielsen

Karina Mose,


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