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The Beetle project - visual surfaces inspired by nature

The Beetle project investigates if it is possible to mimic the colour and mirror effects found in nature and produce similar micro- and nanostructures artificially. The hope is to produce coloured and reflective surfaces using the same principles as nature and achieving benefits like new visual effects, new and brighter colours, better reflections, more long lasting surfaces and better environmental performance with respect to pollution and use of resources. The surfaces should be complex free-formed and it should be possible to coat dielectric materials with low melting points like polymers.

The resulting technology is intended to be used in a broad range of consumer products as well as architectural elements. It would be a more environmentally friendly alternative to pigment based paint and metallization. Furthermore the new aesthetic possibilities will help industrial designers and architects in creating attractive appearances in future products. This is important in many industrial sectors, since aesthetics and product appearance is becoming an increasingly significant position parameter. The project searches for alternative coating principles, materials and microstructuring principles, and experimentally try to produce coatings with the vivid colour effects and metallic reflections seen in the beetle shells.

Diatom algea are studied in order to utilize the natural photonic structures as filters and pigments in paint, sun screens and polymers.

The project also examines the material innovation process by mapping the progress and identifying key factors important for idea generation, phenomena analysis, requirement understanding, solution generation as well as the accept and propagation of the found solutions.

Project team:

Torben Lenau and Michael Barfoed, Department of Management Engineering
Technical University of Denmark


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